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« on: August 30, 2018, 02:56:10 PM »

Welcome to the new TCCMB! - Wim van Vugt and I decided to set up this forum following our meeting at the recent ICCF Congress in North Wales.

TCCMB is a general message board for discussing anything to do with correspondence chess; it is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by or affiliated to any particular organisation.

I am an administrator purely for technical reasons; I have set up the web hosting and will try to provide technical support to keep everything running smoothly, but I will not be involved in any of the forum moderation - Wim will be our chief moderator (he may ask for some assistance if the forum gets busy, but he will make the rules, and for now, he is the only person to speak to about forum etiquette and behaviour).

Anything I post here will be as a private individual, and not as an ICCF official or as the owner of a private CC playing site.

My preference is for people to post using their real names (go to "Profile">"Account Settings" and enter your name in the first text box); however, I will leave it to Wim to decide how rigorously to apply this policy.

Have fun ;)

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